Rosé (BLACKPINK) has released an extremely adorable version of WAP!

Rosé did the WAP challenge as she had promised before

On the afternoon of April 4, while BLACKPINK fans were waiting for Rosé‘s GONE MV to be released at exactly 0 am on April 5, they received a huge benefit from the female idol herself. Rosé has released a dance clip covering Cardi B’s WAP.

In the 7-second clip, Rosé performs the sexy choreography of WAP. She danced while smiling shyly but still completed her sexy choreography.

After that, Rosé received a very unexpected reply from one fan by the name of @kstarvt: “Do the WAP bestie.” Naturally, despite the fan’s request reaching almost 50,000 likes to date, no one expected Rosé to actually attempt the challenge. However, a few days ago, when the soloist and BLACKPINK star shocked everyone by responding to the comment. “Maybe…” she replied, “Maaaayybeee if I reach 10M.”

On the evening of April 3, Rosé’s tiktok account reached 10M followers and of course the singer kept her promise.

Immediately, the fans are giving Rosé the next challenge with the milestone of 15 million followers:

– Ask Lisa to do WAP together if you reach the 15 million milestone.

– Next challenge: Ask Hank (Rosé’s pet) to do WAP challenge.

– Do it with mentor Lisa, please.

– This is the cutest WAP version!

Source: TikTok, Twitter

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