The 16-year-old member of BTS’s junior group makes people fall in love with his gorgeous visuals, his dancing is even as good as Kai’s (EXO)

Member JJ of the rookie boy group from Big Hit Entertainment is attracting great attention from netizens.

Recently, the members of Trainee A, the rookie boy group project of Big Hit family, have been fully revealed. Accordingly, 7 trainees include Leo (born in 2002, Thailand), Yorch Yongsin (born in 2002, Australia), Sangwon (born in 2003, Korea), James (born in 2003). 2005, Hong Kong), Jihoon (born in 2006, Korea), JJ (born in 2006, Japan – USA) and Woochan (born in 2005, Korea). BigHit’s new boy group is expected to debut in the first half of 2022.

Trainee A JJ
Trainee A – BigHit’s upcoming boy group project
Trainee A JJ
The junior group of BTS is expected to debut in the first half of 2022

Among the members, JJ (JayJay), a Japanese-American male trainee is causing a fever on social media. This member makes people go crazy over his Western features and the top-notch dancing. He truly has the potential to be one of the best dancers of the new generation.

Trainee A JJ
JJ (JayJay), the member of BigHit’s new boy group project

Despite being only 16 years old and not yet officially debuted, JJ already exudes an attractive aura like a professional idol. Besides, the unique beauty is also a great strength of JJ. Watching JJ’s series of videos, people can’t help but fall in love and immediately pick the guy as their bias in BigHit’s new boy group project. Not only handsome, JJ is also talented. In the past, JJ has won many dance awards thanks to his 8 years of experience in dancing. Fans are looking forward to BTS’ junior group debut so that they can stan this beautiful and talented boy!

Trainee A JJ
Trainee A JJ
JJ’s Tiktok video reached more than 3.2 million views.
Trainee A JJ
JJ’s extremely captivating visuals
Trainee A JJ
He is Japanese – American blooded and has the potential to become one of the most handsome boys in the new generation of Kpop.

His move is insane 😭😭 #traineea #traineeajj #jayjay #JJ #fyp

♬ nhạc nền – Jayjaynoona – Jayjaynoona
JJ (in black shirt and blue pants) and Trainee A members covering Kai’s choreography (EXO)
Trainee A JJ
JJ is praised for his amazing dance skills
Trainee A JJ
When covering Kai’s (EXO) MMMH choreography, JJ caused a stir with his eye-catching, flexible and extremely gripping hand and foot movements.
Trainee A JJ
The MMMH choreography is difficult but JJ showcases it easily

Some comments:

  • Let him debut quickly so that we can stan.
  • He has great visuals, great charisma and even amazing dancing skills.
  • His dance cover is as excellent  as the original.
  • I was born in 2006 too but please let me call him oppa.
  • The more we look at BigHit’s visuals, the more we are in love with them.
  • Top-notch dancing skills with an excellent visual! Not stanning this idol is a bit of a waste.


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