BTS: “We cannot compare to The Beatles”

Leader RM expressed that it was an honor for them to be compared to The Beatles but “whenever I heard those compliments, I just feel like we should work harder and be humble”.

In the evening of June 1st, BTS officially became the first Asian artist to successfully finish a concert at the Wembley Stadium in London. Wembley is seen as the “holy land” of the British music community with 90.000 seats. Before BTS, there were only 11 artists who have done this and all are legendary name of the music world such as Queen, Michael Jackson, Muse, Madonna, Beyonce, One Direction, Eminem, Spice Girls, Oasis, Take That and Ed Sheeran.

2 hours before the concert, BTS has had a short press conference to answer the journalists’ questions about their way to the legendary Wembley.

BTS: “We cannot compare to The Beatles”
BTS at the press conference 2 hours before the Speak Yourself concert at Wembley.

Leader RM started the press conference with their deepest condolences for towards the victims of the Hungarian boat accident and their families. Then each member shared their thought on this chance of being able to have their concert at the Wembley Stadium. BTS said that this was an honor for them and they will try to reach another milestone and write a new history as a group.

V started: “I want to say thank you to all the fans for making this Wembley concert possible. I won’t be nervous and will do my best on stage”. Suga continued by saying: “I think this concert is an interesting experience. I’m a little bit nervous because it will be broadcasted live all over the world, but the meaning of leaving a deep impression here is pushing me to work harder”. Jungkook also shared that BTS had only intended to do 1 night in Wembley only, but the demand from fans is too big to which they added another night and both was sold out in no time.

When answering the question: “What was the reason for you guys to decide to livestream tonight’s concert in Wembley?”, Suga said: “We thought about the big icon and meaning of Wembley. As a singer, there are some venues that we always dream of…I couldn’t’ sleep last night thinking about Wembley. I just think it will be an interesting and happy experience.

BTS: “We cannot compare to The Beatles”
Many Korean journalists have flown to England to report about this “historical” concert of BTS.

When asked about the title “the next Beatles”, RM said: “Many artists are influenced by The Beatles. In America, we had had the chance to pay tribute to The Beatles at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s an honor but BTS couldn’t compare to The Beatles when they have created such a music revolution and influenced many artists today. Whenever we heard those compliments, we just thought that we should work harder and be more humble”.

Many call us “The Beatles of the 21st century”. We think it’s an honor but also a heavy responsibility. We think we should work harder in order not to become someone else. Our wish is to prove ourselves as the “BTS of the 21st century”. Wembley is just Wembley, and we hope people will focus more on our music, performances and our concerts”, Suga added.

RM came to the conclusion: “We will always work hard to be able to go a long way and we will perform at the Wembley with all our heart. We cannot express all of the messages here at the press conference but we will dedicate through our music and performances. We sincerely thanks ARMY for opening the door to the world for us”.

BTS’s concert at Wembley had estimated 60.000 audiences. After the first night, they continued with their 2nd night at Wembley on June 2nd.

Source: iOne

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