Jinni is swept up in rumors after sudden departure from NMIXX, “They treat her like she’s a criminal” 

After leaving NMIXX, Jinni is being erased from the group’s contents. 

On December 9th, JYP Entertainment announced Jinni’s departure from NMIXX and the termination of her exclusive contract with JYP due to personal reasons. It was a sudden notice without a convincing explanation. After that, netizens found that Mnet is erasing the traces of Jinni who appeared on stage at the 2022 MAMA Awards held on November 29th.

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On December 12th, the YouTube channel Mnet K-POP posted a video of 10 stages with the highest number of views at the 2022 MAMA. In this video, members of rookie girl groups such as NMIXX, Kep1er, IVE, New Jeans, and LE SSERAFIM performing TWICE’s “Cheer Up” and highlights of each group’s debut song is shown.

Jinni MAMA

Prior to TWICE’s “Cheer Up” stage, each group performed the iconic “Shy Shy Shy” part, but in the video, NMIXX’s part was completely edited. There was a close-up shot of Jinni during the performance of NMIXX’s “O.O” in the main broadcast, but it was replaced with a full shot from the audience in the video.

Jinni MAMA
Jinni MAMA

In the behind-the-scenes video of the 4th gen girl groups’ joint stage at the 2022 MAMA, which was released on December 13th, NMIXX members’ rehearsal before the stage is shown, but most of the scenes where Jinni appeared with other members have been edited.

Starting on December 14th, fans saw the real-time removal of Jinni-related posts on JYP Entertainment’s official SNS.


Netizens commented, “They’re trying to turn her into someone who never existed”, “Why do they treat her like the kids who did school violence”, “Why do you delete her existence?”, “Did she commit a crime?”, “They treat her like a criminal”, ” Do they have to take it this far?”, “JYP is scary”, etc.

Meanwhile, Jinni was a trainee at JYP for about 7 years, so her sudden departure from NMIXX is even more shocking to fans. Online, unconfirmed rumors such as dating rumors, pregnancy rumors, and health problems are also being spread.

Source: Wikitree. 

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