BTS and BLACKPINK’s Surprisingly Close Relationship Draws Attention

Despite not having many public interactions, K-pop top groups BTS and BLACKPINK share a surprisingly close bond.

BTS and BLACKPINK’s comfortable moments at award Shows

Although active around the same time, BTS and BLACKPINK debuted quite far apart. In 2013, BTS debuted under the small entertainment company BigHit, struggling with debt, while it wasn’t until 2016 that BLACKPINK officially debuted under K-pop’s “Big 3” agency YG Entertainment, instantly becoming monstrous rookies.

bts predebut Bang PD 600x600 1
BTS debuted in 2013
blackpink debut
BLACKPINK debuted three years later, in 2016

Despite humble beginnings, BTS achieved remarkable success with “Spring Day” at around the time BLACKPINK debuted. From there, the boy group blossomed into a global sensation. 

Between 2016 and 2018, both BTS and BLACKPINK primarily focused on promotions in Korea, before setting their aim overseas, particularly the US market. 

As a result, the two globally renowned groups shared many moments together at award shows. Their senior-junior relationship is comfortable, lacking the hesitance often seen between competitors in the music industry.

bts blackpink-2017
BTS enthusiastically singing and dancing along to BLACKPINK’s performance at a 2017 award show
bts blackpink-2017
The boy group show excited reactions to BLACKPINK’s “So Hot” stage performance
bts blackpink-mama 2018
Their last shared stage appearance was at the 2018 Melon Music Awards (MMA), a moment still fondly remembered by many fans.

In later years, despite the dwindling public interactions between BTS and BLACKPINK, many still can’t help but recall the old memories. Particularly noteworthy is BTS’s reaction to BLACKPINK’s performances and their polite gestures toward their juniors.

V and Jennie’s Relationship, surprising close relationship between BTS and BLACKPINK

Having achieved international success, BTS and BLACKPINK no longer have many public encounters. However, since V and Jennie’s alleged dating photos surfaced in early 2022, the two global groups have continuously dropped hints proving their close relationship. 

During the private album introduction party for BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” in September 2022, Korean media confirmed V’s presence. At this time, the relationship between V and Jennie remained a mystery, subject to much speculation.

bts v jennie blackpink
V and Jennie’s leaked “dating photos” from early 2022
bts v jennie
A photo (left) was said to be of V and Jennie at the private album introduction party for “Born Pink”

While YG and BigHit did not provide an official stance on V and Jennie’s relationship, many people strongly believe that the two’s relationship is real after alleged footage of them public hand-holding in Paris in May 2023.

However, rumors later swirled that V and Jennie had broken up before BTS’s V fulfilled his military duty in December 2023. Meanwhile, to date, various details indicate that the two are still connected.

bts v jennie blackpink
V and Jennie were allegedly caught dating in Paris in May 2023
bts v jennie
Korean media reported their breakup in December 2023, but many a move from V roused suspicions 
bts v-jennie blackpink
Rumors of V and Jennie still dating continue to prevail 

In addition to V and Jennie, other members of BTS and BLACKPINK have also caused a stir with their encounters. For instance, the “connections” of Lisa – V – Park Bo-gum and Jennie – Jungkook

Particularly, Lisa and V are both associated with the fashion brand Celine, and their initial appearance together surprised fans when Lisa called V “oppa,” an intimate term. Photos of Lisa, V, and Park Bo-gum together at a Celine event also caused quite a commotion among fans.

lisa v park bo gum
The viral photos of Lisa, V, and Park Bo-gum together

Meanwhile, both Jungkook and Jennie are ambassadors for Calvin Klein. As a result, Jungkook personally attended the event launching Jennie’s collaborative collection with the fashion brand. 

jennie jungkook
Jungkook attending the launch event for the Calvin Klein x Jennie collection, hosted by the latter

Netizens speculate that Jennie and V’s alleged relationship surely leads to BLACKPINK’s closeness with other BTS members and even friends of the boy group. It is known that besides Jungkook, Jennie is also close to actor Park Seo-joon – a member of V’s famous friend group Wooga Squad.

park seo joon jennie
Jennie interacting comfortably with Park Seo-joon – V’s close friend

Additionally, BTS and BLACKPINK share a circle of close friends in the K-pop industry. For instance, RM is very close to G-Dragon and artists from The Black Label, while Jimin has collaborated with Taeyang.

lisa blackpink-mingyu thumbnail
Lisa is friends with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, and both of them are idols born in 1997, similar to Jungkook, suggesting the existence of a 97-liner idol friend group.

Recently, Lisa and Jisoo were spotted being friendly with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, whilst Mingyu is a famous idol from a 97-line friend group which includes Jungkook. The natural interaction between Mingyu and the two BLACKPINK members further suggests a close relationship among BTS and BLACKPINK 

jennie jisoo blackpink-jungkook thumbnail
Jennie and Jisoo seen at Jungkook’s album launch party in November 2023

Recently, netizens discovered a video from Jungkook’s “Golden” album introduction party in November 2023. Many fans noticed that, in addition to BTS members, Jennie and Jisoo were also present. BLACKPINK’s duo’s discreet attendance at Jungkook’s party further excited netizens. From here, the relationship between BTS and BLACKPINK has once again become the talk of the town.

The genuine relationship between BTS and BLACKPINK is full of unexpected close connections.

Despite their fandoms fiercely competing for achievements, BTS and BLACKPINK are actually close friends. From an objective perspective, the two groups are active in the same era and represent K-pop internationally, so they knowing each other, being close, and sharing a circle of friends is not surprising. 

Source: K14, Pann

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