Han So-hee, the first Korean actress to become Omega’s global ambassador… “Charismatic and captivating aura”

Han So-hee proved her global influence.

According to the agency on May 9th, actress Han So-hee was the first Korean actress to be selected as the global ambassador of Swiss luxury watchmaker brand “Omega“.

Han So-hee

Han So-hee‘s agency said, “Please look forward to Han So-hee’s various global activities with Omega in the future.” Han So-hee has the power to make roles her own with her in-depth expressiveness. She is loved around the world for her seriousness and confidence that is not afraid of challenges.

Han So-hee

Omega explained why Han So-hee was selected as the global ambassador, “We highly appreciate Han So-hee’s passion for work as an actress, and her essential character gives a great inspiration to Omega’s philosophy. We’re very happy to be with Han So-hee, whose charismatic and captivating aura is in perfect harmony with the brand.”

Han So-hee

Han So-hee becoming the first Korean actress to be selected as Omega’s global ambassador has a more meaningful symbolism. The actress shared her thoughts, “I’m very honored to be able to meet fans around the world as Omega’s global ambassador. I’ll show various sides of mine with Omega in the future.”

Han So-hee

As such, Han So-hee is building an unrivaled career by once again winning “the first” title and solidifying her position as a global icon. The world’s attention is focused on Han So-hee‘s limitless moves in the future.


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