As 2 SNSD members attempted to cover their 15-year-old hit, fans were nervous they’d… forget the song

On the famous variety show “Running Man”, Hyoyeon and Yuri tried dancing to SNSD’s hit songs. 

Having debuted in 2007, which is around 15 years ago, SNSD, or Girls’ Generation, has established themselves as a top-tier group with a series of hits, including “Gee”, “Into The New World”, “Hoot”, “Genie”, “I Got A Boy”, “Lion Heart”, “The Boys”, “Mr. Mr”, and more. 

SNSD has numerous hits under their sleeves.

However, SONE (fandom of SNSD) becomes nervous whenever their idols take the stage since it has been a long time since the group last danced to their songs. But it turns out that this worry is for naught. 


Recently, SNSD members Yuri and Hyoyeon appeared on the latest episode of “Running Man” as special guests. Here, they performed their 15-year-old debut song “Into The New World”, and the two hits “Genie” and “Hoot” with absolutely no issue, to the relief of their fandom. 

Running Man
Yuri and Hyoyeon danced to SNSD songs in “Running Man”
Running Man
Their performance of “Into The New World” went smoothly.
Running Man
“Genie” slayed just as hard as day one.  
Running Man
The iconic shooting choreography of “Hoot”

Some comments from netizens: 

  • These two… they are called the “dancing machines” of the group but they always forget their own songs! Thank god they remember this time!
  • “Into The New World”… Has it really been 15 years?
  • Even I feel nervous for them!
  • Groundbreaking: SNSD remembers how to dance SNSD songs. 


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