Kim Hee-chul: “I’ve known Choi Si-won for 20 years, but I’ve never seen his girlfriend”

Super Junior Kim Hee-chul mentioned Choi Si-won’s dating situation.

On SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” which aired on May 8th, Kim Hee-chul visited Choi Si-won‘s house with Kim Jun-ho, Lee Sang-min and Kim Jong-kook.

My Little Old Boy

On this day, Kim Hee-chul “dissed” himself, “You’re trying to be too perfect. Not many women want it. I simply look too clumsy. Look now. I still failed even in my 40s.” Kim Jun-ho added, “People should be lacking at something.”

My Little Old Boy

Kim Jong-kook asked about Choi Si-won‘s shortcomings in dating. Choi Si-won confessed, “What suddenly comes to my mind is ‘My thoughts are always right’.”

My Little Old Boy

When Choi Si-won was away for a while, Hee-chul surprised everyone by saying, “I’ve known him for 20 years, but I’ve never seen his girlfriend or girl he’s interested in at all.”

My Little Old Boy


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