“Queendom 2” LOONA Yves mentions her agency’s financial difficulties: “It’s hard to look at the pitiful gaze people gave us”

In “Queendom 2,” LOONA Yves indirectly mentioned her agency’s financial difficulties.  

Mnet’s new entertainment program “Queendom 2,” which aired its 1st episode on the night of March 31st, depicts the first meeting of Brave Girls, VIVIZ, WJSN, LOONA, Kep1er, and Hyolyn.


On this day, LOONA said they heard of their appearance in “Queendom 2” 15 days before the first filming day. Hee-jin said, “We made our debut through a survival battle as well. The only difference was that there was no camera. It’s was almost like a survival program.”


In addition, Yves recalled the moment when their activity was temporarily postponed and said, “When I saw the comments under the articles, there were many that said ‘What a bummer, they can totally rise more.’ It was hard to look at the pitiful gaze people gave us.” Hee-jin also said, “We were very scared. We didn’t know whether we would be able to continue our career or not.”


Chuu also said, “It felt like other people had set a limit on us,” adding, “This is an opportunity that comes at a really important time. We have thought a lot about catching it and proved ourselves,” she said, expressing her determination.

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