Han Ga-in recalled wanting to cancel her wedding the night before it happened

Han Ga-in said she almost canceled her marriage the day before the wedding.

The latest episode of the SBS variety program “Circle House,” which aired on the afternoon of March 31st, revolved around the topic of “Living Together Plus Marriage Is Negative?

han ga in circle house

On the show, Han Ga-in surprised everyone by telling a couple who are about to get married, “I said I wouldn’t (get married) the day before my marriage.”

Han Ga-in recalled the time, saying, “My husband’s close friend from America came to congratulate him on the marriage, and he hadn’t come back even though it was late.”

han ga in circle house

Han Ga-in continued, “I was busy filming and became sensitive about marriage, so I was angry because he came home late,” adding, “I called and asked for a press conference.” “I said I couldn’t get married,” she said, drawing attention.

han ga in circle house

The actress then said, “Then (Yeon Jung-hoon) came and begged me,” and Lee Seung-gi responded, “No matter how much he drank, I think he would have woken up right away,” drawing laughter.

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