Han Ga In, “If I were to be born again, I wouldn’t get married… I’m curious about living alone” 

Han Ga In recently revealed her thoughts on marriage.

The March 31st broadcast of SBS’s program “Circle House” dealt with the topic of marriage in the current era. 

han ga in circle house

Lee Jung, who represents the MZ generation, surprised everyone by saying, “I have never thought about marriage. Actually, I have no intention of getting married.” She explained, “When I asked people around me, ‘Does getting married mean you will be happy and feel good?’, they said, ‘It’s okay if you don’t do it’.”

The panelists asked Dr. Oh Eun Young for advice, “Should we get married, yes or no?” Dr. Oh Eun Young replied, “If there is someone you like, I recommend getting married. If you truly love that person, I recommend having many children.”

han ga in circle house

Han Ga In then said confidently, “I wouldn’t get married even if I were to be born again. I’ll just try to live a wonderful life by myself. I’m curious about living alone, something that I haven’t experienced.”

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