Han Ga-in got angry the night before the wedding and declared “I can’t get married”… Yeon Jung-hoon begged for forgiveness

The story of actors Han Ga-in and Yeon Jung-hoon the night before their dizzying wedding was revealed.

In a recent recording of SBS’ “Circle House“, Han Ga-in shared the story of how her anger exploded the night before her wedding after 17 years of marriage.

Han Ga-in

On this day, three couples with concerns about marriage came to “Circle House. In particular, when Han Ga-in looked at the couple who had set their wedding date, she recalled her 17 years ago when she was preparing to get married and talked about complicated emotions before marriage.

Han Ga-in

The night before her wedding, she was so angry with Yeon Jung-hoon that she made a shocking statement, “I can’t get married.” Yeon Jung-hoon rushed right away and asked for forgiveness.

Han Ga-in

The story of Han Ga-in‘s concerns about marriage until the day before her wedding can be found on “Circle House” at 9 p.m. on March 31st.

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