Jeon So-min has just delivered the news that “Running Man” fans have longed for through her new Instagram post

The news that the viewers of SBS’s “Running Man” really wanted has been delivered. It was posted on the Instagram account of “Running Man” cast member Jeon So-min.

Jeon So-min has been loved as an “Entertainment Queen” after appearing in “Running Man”. She is one of a few actresses who can often be seen on entertainment shows. However, Jeon So-min delivered bad news earlier this year.

Jeon So-min

In January, she suffered a foot fracture and underwent surgery. She has appeared in a wheelchair for a while due to difficulties in moving. Although Jeon So-min is known to be very passionate about entertainment activities, the actress eventually dropped out of Season 3 of tvN’s “Sixth Sense”, in which she has appeared as a regular cast alongside “Running Man”, due to health problems. In addition, she was also confirmed to have Covid-19 this month.

As news of Jeon So-min’s health problems continued to be reported, people began to raise rumors of her leaving “Running Man”. Many viewers said that they didn’t want the cast to overdo, considering their unhealthy bodies.

jeon so min

However, Jeon So-min clarified through her Instagram post that she would continue to appear in “Running Man”. This news has made the viewers of “Running Man”, who have shown extraordinary affection for the members and worried about their health, feel much relieved. 

Jeon So-min updated her Instagram on March 31st. It’s been quite a long time since her last post on March 8th. 

Jeon So-min shared a new photo taken with the members of Running Man. It appears to have been taken at the filming site. In the photo, Jeon So-min posed with a big, happy smile. Other Running Man members including Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo, Haha, and Yang Se-chan also showed cheerful expressions around Jeon So-min.

Jeon So-min wrote in the caption, “It’s so exciting and fun to be together. My dear friend, sister, and brothers. Running Man airs every Sunday at 5!”

Seeing this adorable family photo, netizens on Theqoo left comments:

  • Jeon So-min is a true maknae of Running Man because she is a ball of cuteness. Especially when I see her brothers laugh happily while watching So-min, I feel really happy too.
  • My heart is warm reading Jeon So-min’s caption.
  • Running Man is like a family. I love them. 
  • The photo is so pretty. I hope Running Man will last a long time.
The preview for this week’s broadcast of Running Man on Sunday (April 3) with ending fairies Jeon So-min and Song Ji-hyo

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