Not receiving certifications like BTS and TWICE, Is Blackpink becoming outdated?  

Recently, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has announced the latest nomination, in which both TWICE and BTS were named.

Lately, K-pop fans have been stuffed with the remarkable achievements of TWICE, BTS, and Red Velvet. However, since Blackpink had no new songs released, their name disappeared from all charts, including the Recording Industry Association of Japan’s (RIAJ). Accordingly, in 2020, the RIAJ implemented a new certification system for streaming songs as a complement to the pre-existing certification systems for physical albums and downloads.

According to the new system, songs are certified silver at 30 million streams, gold at 50 million streams, and platinum at 100 million streams.

bts twice blackpink 31032022
BTS and TWICE receive new certifications while Blackpink is nowhere to be seen.

In the newest announced certification round of the RIAJ, both TWICE and BTS received new certifications in streaming. Specifically, TWICE’s 2019 hit “Fancy” was officially certified platinum after surpassing 100 million streams, becoming the group’s third song that goes platinum in streaming in Japan, after “Feel Special” and “I Can’t Stop Me”.


Meanwhile, BTS’ 2016 hit “Blood Sweat & Tears” has officially been certified gold after surpassing 50 million streams.

Blood Sweat & Tears-BTS

As for the girl group Blackpink, this time the group has no hit songs that have achieved new certifications on this platform. Blackpink has always been known as a group that achieved many records thanks to their old hits. However, being quiet for a long time like this can partly influence their career achievements. 

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