Lee Sun-bin expresses affection for Lee Kwang-soo: “He’s quite similar to my ideal type” (City Girls on the Climb)

Actress Lee Sun-bin mentioned actor Lee Kwang-soo, whom she is currently dating.

On the Feb 11th broadcast of tvN’s “City Girls on the Climb“, while climbing Taebaeksan Mountain, Han Sun-hwa shared her wish, “It’s so great. I want to come back here with the person I love in the future.”

City Girls on the Climb

Lee Sun-bin expressed her thoughts, “Will I be able to answer like that? I’m afraid I can’t.”

City Girls on the Climb

Then Jung Eun-ji said, “You can still have an ideal type. Your ideal type may be different from the person you date.” Hearing this, Lee Sun-bin showed off her affection for Lee Kwang-soo, “No, but he (Lee Kwang-soo) is quite~similar (to my ideal type).”

City Girls on the Climb
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