Looking back at this day in the past: “Goblin” and BTS’s MV actress passed away, god member fined for driving illegal car

Let’s look back on the issues happening on February 12 in the past.

▲ The late Ko Su-Jeong from Story J Company
The late Ko Su-Jeong from Story J Company

Actress Ko Soo-jung was a promising star who unfortunately passed away at the age of 25 (February 12, 2020).

It was belatedly known that actress Ko Soo-jung passed away on this day 2 years ago. Story J Company, the agency of the deceased, said, “Ko Soo-jung recently left this world and became a shining star in the sky.” She was only 25 years old. The actress said goodbye to the world as her condition worsened while fighting a brain tumor. The funeral ceremony of the deceased was quietly held on February 9, 2020, according to the will of the bereaved family. 

At the time, the agency said, “Ko Soo-jung was an innocent girl with a pure heart that shines. We will forever remember your youth, which came to us, as pure as that heart. I hope there will be only eternal rest without pain where you leave to, our forever actress.”

▲ The late Ko Su-Jeong from Story J Company

It broke everyone’s hearts even more to know she was a promising rookie who had only debuted not long ago and did not have the chance to even properly show her talent. Actress Kim Yoon-jin mourned, “My pretty junior, actress Ko Soo-jung is now flying in the sky, Rest in Peace.” The makeup artist who worked with Ko Su-jeong said, “I will always remember her pure and clear smile. “Let’s meet again in heaven without pain,” showing her sorrow by releasing a video of Ko Su-jeong.

Internet users belatedly looked back on the works in which the deceased appeared and the traces of her in the entertainment industry, and felt sorry that they did not recognize such a talent.

Ko Soo-jung made her debut with tvN’s “Goblin,” which was popular in 2016. In the drama, Ko Su-jeong was one of the four ghosts hovering around Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun), and appeared with grandmother ghost (Hwang Seok-jeong) and maiden ghost (Park Kyung-hye). In December of that year, she appeared in JTBC’s “Solomon’s Perjury” and made her face known a little more to the public. In 2017, she appeared as the main character in the music video of BTS‘s Seoul promotional song “With Seoul” and gradually raised her position as an actress. In an in-house interview released by the agency that year, Ko Soo-jung showed extraordinary passion for acting, saying, “I really like the fact that I am enjoying myself and doing what I wanted to do.”

When Seoul’s promotional song “With Seoul” was released, Seoul City said, “I pray for the repose of actress Ko Soo-jung. Thank you for being with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and we will never forget it.”

Yoon Kye-sang is charged with driving an illegally modified vehicle (February 12, 2018).

yoon kye sang

Yoon Kye-sang, a former member of the group god, was briefly charged with driving an illegal vehicle. On the same day 4 years ago, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office briefly indicted Yoon Kye-sang for driving a vehicle illegally equipped with tires wider than the width of the vehicle for a fine of 500,000 won. Yoon Kye-sang was previously accused of driving the vehicle in Bangbae-dong, Seoul, in November 2017 when he was photographed in a so-called “caparazzi” (Car+paparazzi).

According to Article 34 of the Automobile Management Act, if you want to tune a car, you must obtain approval from the mayor, county head, or district head. If you tune it without approval or drive it despite knowing this law, you may be punished by imprisonment with labor for up to one year or a fine of up to 1 million won. 

Yoon Kye-sang-120222

At the time, Yoon Kye-sang‘s agency apologized, saying, “We’re sorry for causing public criticism.”

A month later, the Seoul Central District Court issued a summary order of 500,000 won in fines to Yoon Kye-sang for violating the Automobile Management Act.

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