“Summer Strike” director, “Seol Hyun filmed without makeup and wore the same clothes all the time”

Director Lee Yoon Jung of the new drama “Summer Strike” revealed that actress Seol Hyun did the filming with no makeup.

On November 15th, the press conference for Genie TV’s original series “I Don’t Want to Do Anything (Summer Strike)” was held at Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Seoul. Director Lee Yoon Jung, actress Kim Seol Hyun, and actor Im Si Wan attended the event.

seolhyun summer strike

“Summer Strike” is a project drama centering on Yeo Reum (Kim Seol Hyun), who voluntarily quits her job and decides to make a strike in her life, and Dae Beom (Im Si Wan), a librarian who questions his life. The drama reveals the story of those who leave the busy and complex city to visit an unfamiliar place and do nothing.

seolhyun im si wan summer strike conference

At the press conference, director Lee Yoon Jung said, “It’s been more than 20 years since I started directing films/ dramas, and my wish was to work until I die on the filming set. While I was wondering if I could take a rest, I was recommended the original work of this script. I found it very interesting because it’s just like my story. I thought it would be so great if I could deliver this feeling as it is”.

seolhyun summer strike conference

Director Lee continued, “Seol Hyun put only BB Cream on her face and filmed without makeup. When I met Seol Hyun at the press conference today, I wondered if it was the face I often saw on the set”, adding “Also, she kept wearing the same 2-3 old outfits. I even asked Seol Hyun if she could stop wearing those clothes.”

“Summer Strike” will be released on Genie TV and seezn on November 21st. It will also air on ENA Channel every Monday and Tuesday at 21:20 p.m.

Source: Daum

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