‘Squid Game’ Jung Ho Yeon beats the No.1 Korean actress on Instagram, Lee Sung Kyung, by gaining 13.3 million followers

Jung Ho Yeon has become the most-followed Korean actress on Instagram thanks to her rising popularity after appearing in “Squid Game”.

At 9 AM on October 5th, Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram followers exceeded 13.3 million. Breaking the record of the previous No.1 Lee Sung Kyung (12.9 million followers), this has become the highest number of followers recorded for a Korean actress.

squid game jung ho yeon

Before the release of “Squid Game”, Jung Ho Yeon had only about 400.000 followers on Instagram. However, after “Squid Game” was premiered on September 17th and received explosive responses all around the world, the public’s interest in Jung Ho Yeon, who appeared to play an important role, has also risen significantly.

This led to a huge increase in the number of followers on her Instagram. On October 3rd, Jung Ho Yeon’s account surpassed 12 million followers of Song Hye Kyo, who used to be the 2nd most-followed Korean actress on Instagram. Then today, Jung Ho Yeon also took over the first place from Lee Sung Kyung.

Only 19 days after the release of “Squid Game”, Jung Ho Yeon has gathered 33 times more followers.

squid game jung ho yeon

It is estimated that she gains 10,000 followers every 30 minutes. With this upward trend, netizens are raising expectations on how many followers Jung Ho Yeon can attract in the future.

Although “Squid Game” was her first time challenging in acting, she captured the hearts of global fans by portraying the loneliness and the strong personality of Sae Byeok with her unique color.

Source: Insight

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