Top 5 Korean actresses with the most followers on Instagram: Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon enters the list!

Surprisingly, the top 1 position belongs to a BLACKPINK member although her first drama has yet to be released while Squid Game Jung Ho Yeon replaces Im YoonA to enter the top 5!

If you are a fan of Korean films, you may know that many actresses are not only appreciated for their acting ability, but they are even famous singers, models…  And here is a list of 5 actresses with the most Instagram followers in Korea.

1. Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – @sooyaaa: 47.5 million followers

 The name topping the chart is Jisoo.  Along with that, she ranks in the top 3 Kpop artists with the most followers on Instagram.  If you are wondering which work Jisoo acted in, it is Snowdrop.  At the end of 2020 – early 2021, Jisoo – the eldest sister of BLACKPINK, officially started a new role in her career, that is as the main actress in the drama Snowdrop.  The drama is expected to air in late 2021.

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Although there is no official broadcast time of the film, every move of the actors in the film crew has been noticed by the online community.  And also thanks to her debut as an actress, Jisoo topped the chart of female actors with the most followers. 

2. IU – @dlwlrma: 22.7 million followers

 IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-eun (May 16, 1993), is a very famous South Korean actress and also a singer-songwriter.  Debuting as a singer in 2008, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 15.  Possessing a sweet yet powerful voice, so far, IU is one of the top female singers with the most successful solo career in Korea.

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Not only is she a successful singer, but she is also highly appreciated for her acting ability and has left many impressions in hit movies such as Dream High 1 (2011), You’re the best Lee Soon Shin (2013), Produce (2015), Moon Lovers 2016, Hotel Del Luna (2019)… IU’s upcoming project is the leading role of Lee So-min in Dream, which is a movie.  The movie starring Park Seo Joon and IU will tell the story of a group of people trying to participate in the World Cup for the Homeless – an annual international soccer event.

3. Suzy – @skuukzky: 16.5 million followers

 Suzy’s real name is Bae Soo-ji, the new generation’s national first love.  As a person who works in two fields – singing and acting, the number of films she has participated in is not much, but she is still especially favored by the audience.  She became the ideal girlfriend loved by Korean boys thanks to her appearance in the hit work Architecture 101 (2012) and many other films such as My Love From the Star (2013), Uncontrollably Fond.  (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Start Up (2020)…

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She is also Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend.  They used to have more than 2 years of dating, but the two confirmed their separation in 2017 to the regret of countless fans.  Suzy owns a sweet beauty and is awarded the title “National First Love”.  Her radiant face, elite and sweet lines capture the hearts of millions of fans.  Her upcoming project is a Korean sci-fi drama called Wonderland (2021).

4. Lee Sung Kyung – @heybiblee: 12.9 million followers

 Before becoming an actor, Lee Sung Kyung was also a model.  Starting her acting career with a supporting role in the movie It’s Okay, That’s Love, she became the first model-actress to work under YG Entertainment.

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She rose to fame with her first leading role in the movie Weightlifting Fairy in 2016. Thanks to this drama, she was nominated for Favorite Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards.  Lee Sung Kyung is one of the most promising young actors in Kbiz today, pocketing a series of films such as Cheese in The Trap (2016), About Time (2018)…

5. Jung Ho Yeon– @hooooyeony: 12.7 million followers

Jung Ho Yeon is a very special case when she has only acted in a single drama: Squid Game. Following the success of Squid Game, Ho Yeon gained more than 10M followers after only 1 week. With an attractive face and stable acting skills for a rookie, Ho Yeon quickly gained the love of the public.

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Like Lee Sung Kyung, before debuting as an actress, she was a famous model. She was the runner-up at the Korea Next Top Model 2014. She also has a close relationship with BLACKPINK member Jennie. After the explosion of the blockbuster Squid Game, her number of followers on social networks even surpassed A-list stars like YoonA, Song Hye Kyo,… Hopefully, Jung Ho Yeon will continue to achieve many successes, both as an actress and a model.

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