Space Sweepers – The surprising reason why Africans were enthusiastic and moved by Song Joong-ki’s work

At the time when “Space Sweepers” was released on Netflix, foreign language lines and black character descriptions in the movie drew attention in Nigeria and other African countries.

The scene that became a hot topic is the scene where the main character Tae-ho (played by Song Joong-ki) tries to get money from an African-American manager in vain. However, in that scene, the manager was using Nigerian Pidgin instead of English.

Space Sweepers

A Nigerian critic mentioned this scene on SNS and praised, “It’s the first time Nigerian Pidgin has shown up in a non-Nigerian film. This movie is the best in terms of borrowing multicultural elements.” Black people have been set as workers in Hollywood. The fact that they appeared as managers in “Space Sweepers” attracted attention.

Space Sweepers

Interestingly, the characters in “Space Sweepers” use their countries’ languages rather than using the official language “English” and are interpreted in real time through interpreters. Thanks to this detailed setting, “Space Sweepers” has been called the best movie on Netflix, making black moviegoers go wild.

Source: Daum

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