Letters that the late actress Yoo Chae-young’s husband has written on her fancafe for 7 years, “Love you till the day I die”

The husband of actress-singer Yoo Chae-young, who died of gastric cancer in 2014, has been writing letters to his wife for 7 years.

On March 4th, netizens on online communities and SNS sites re-examined what Yoo Chae-young’s husband – Kim Joo-hwan wrote on his wife’s fancafe “Goddess”.

Kim has been writing letters dedicated to his wife on her fancafe for more than 7 years since her death in 2014. Starting with the first article in August 2014, he continued to post a letter every year until September 2021.

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His last letter was written on September 23rd last year. It was one day after Yoo Chae-young’s birthday. Kim said, “My baby, it was your birthday but I couldn’t come to see you because we’re in the middle of the Chuseok holiday. Her place is closed during the holiday, so I will come to see you after the holiday”.

He then expressed his longing for his wife, saying, “My baby would definitely tell me ‘It’s okay’. She was so kind and she always said ‘okay’ with everything I did. I will buy something more delicious next time. You must be waiting for me. My love, I miss you so much”.

Kim also confessed his affection for his wife in an article posted in February of the same year. He said, “2021. We have come a long way. It’s already been 7 years since you left me in 2014. I’ve been struggling to endure my feelings, but I miss you a lot”.

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He continued, “Many memories are now fading little by little. I’m not sure if it is because many years have passed or because I have gotten older. But still, I’m living with the thought that I’m getting closer to you as the year goes by.”

He even made an appointment with his wife for the next meeting. He said, “She will remain pretty, but I will only meet her because she is too old. I will forever remember this person named Kim Joo-hwan as the one that I loved the most and hurt the most in my life until the day I die.”

Netizens react to Kim’s heartbreaking letter with regret. A netizen who shared the article said, “I’m also a fan of Yoo Chae-young, so sometimes I go to the fan cafe and read the article, and I feel an unimaginable longing for the letter.”

yoo chae young

Yoo Chae-young died of gastric cancer on July 25th, 2014 at the age of 41. At that time, Yoo Chae-young’s agency 150 Entertainment said, “Yoo Chae-young was diagnosed with the final stage of gastric cancer in October 2013. After surgery, she continued to fight against cancer but eventually passed away”.

They continued, “Yoo Chae-young was hospitalized two weeks ago and her condition suddenly worsened on the 20th”, adding, “Her husband, family members, actor Kim Hyun-joo, broadcaster Lee Sung-mi, Park Mi-sun, and Song Eun-yi were by her side when she took her last breath”.

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