Cardi B’s Bold Counterattack: Throwing Microphone at Fan Who Sprayed Alcohol During Performance

Cardi B retaliated when a fan threw alcohol at her by throwing the microphone back at them.

Recently, a video of Cardi B performing in Las Vegas, USA, went viral on social media, drawing attention.

During the performance, Cardi B was singing her hit song ‘Bodak Yellow’ when a fan sprayed alcohol towards her, prompting her to instantly throw the microphone at that fan.

cardi b

Security guards immediately approached the fan, and Cardi B glared at them with anger. The fan was later escorted out of the venue by the security.

After the video spread through online communities, netizens showed supportive reactions, given recent incidents of artists being harmed by objects thrown by audience members.

Last month, Bebe Rexha was hit by a phone thrown by a fan during a New York stage, leading to her hospitalization and stitches. The suspect who threw the phone was subsequently prosecuted for assault.

In another incident, Kelsey Valerini was hit in the face by an object thrown by a fan during her performance last week. Ava Max also received a slap from an object thrown by an audience member and later wrote, “I scratched the inside of my eye. The perpetrator will never attend a concert again.

In response to these incidents, netizens are voicing their support for Cardi B’s action, stating that she did what needed to be done, and audiences should stop throwing objects at artists on stage.

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