Song Seung Hun shows signs of image change, fans express mixed reactions

New image updates of Song Seung Hun take the audience by surprise. 

On March 23rd, Sina released a series of photos from an event with the attendance of the “Autumn of My Heart” star Song Seung Hun. Upon coming across the photos, netizens were taken aback by the actor’s apparent sign of weight gain. A Chinese news page Sina, which reported the news, also said the actor looked a lot different from before. In another angle, fans caught a sign of the actor’s receding hairline, showing that he was potentially balding. The recent image change draws divided reaction from the public. On the one hand, netizens urged the actor to lose weight and regain the beauty he was once known for. On the other hand, fans claimed the public should not force beauty standards upon the male actor, especially when those are common signs of aging. 

Song Seung Hun
The video shows the actor with a supposed bloated face, he looked different from his image from a few months back 
Song Seung Hun
Song Seung Hun
Song Seung Hun also shows sign of balding 
Song Seung Hun
Song Seung Hun in the old days

Song Seung Hun was one of the actors who were shot to pan-Asian stardom thanks to the 2000 drama series “Autumn in My Heart” and continued scoring resounding successes with “Summer Scent” and “East of Eden.”

He has had a long streak of relationships as well as rumors with Chinese and Korean A-listers. He was in a relationship with Choi Ji Woo from “Autumn in My Heart” within the period of 1996 to 1999 when both were not famous. When he started getting popular, Song Seung Hun dated Sung Yuri in secret for 8 months back in 2002. 

In 2015, the actor went public with Liu Yi Fei. They were together for 2 years before breaking up. Currently the actor is single. 

Source: K14

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