SHINee Key Clarifies Rumors of Discord with Shin Dong-yeop on ‘Amazing Saturday’

Key explained the rumors of discord with Shin Dong-yeop: “I simply don’t initiate conversations intentionally”

On September 25th, Key appeared on the YouTube channel of Shin Dong-yeop.

During their conversation, Key received a question from comedian Jung Ho-chul while Shin Dong-yeop was absent.

shinee key

Jung Ho-chul asked, “Is there a problem between you and Dong-yeop? You didn’t seem to talk much on ‘Amazing Saturday,'” and Key laughed and denied. Jung Ho-chul added, “This would make a good thumbnail,” making everyone burst into laughter.

Key said, “Senior Dong-yeop really finds me attractive,” and explained, “I don’t initiate conversations with him unless there’s a specific reason.” He added, “I only speak when it’s really necessary.”

Source: nate

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