“I’m appearing on AV,” shocking solo debut of a member from a famous girl group in Japan

A girl group member from a famous Japanese agency surprised many Korean and Japanese netizens after revealing her future appearance on AV.

Japanese girl group Fairies’ Inoue Rikako released a music video for her solo song “Pit-a-Pat Tomorrow” on May 16th, which includes a shocking announcement at the end of the music video.

Inoue Rikako

Inoue Rikako showed off her innocent charm in the music video with a refreshing atmosphere. After the song, she stared at the camera against the backdrop of a beautiful city view. Suddenly, a sentence appears on the screen.

“I’m appearing on AV”

AV in Japan means adult videos which contain explicit sexual activity. This means Inoue Rikako is turning into an adult actress.

Inoue Rikako

Inoue Rikako made her own statement on her Twitter account on May 17th. She said, “I think you guys have already known through my music video. I’m coming out on AV from now. I quit the entertainment industry after nine years, and I spent about two years as an office worker. I’ve come to think about this a lot when the shape of my company is changing.”

Inoue Rikako

“At this time, I thought, ‘Shouldn’t I go on a path with something I can do and only I can do?'”

Inoue Rikako said, “I really like to express myself through dancing and singing. However, it is not easy for me to go back to the place where I said goodbye once. I then thought I would be able to convey my resolution by challenging something I’ve never done before.”

Inoue Rikako

She confessed her thoughts that AV is a world where there wis no big bias and is in great demand. “I chose it because I’m interested in it,” she said. Lastly, Inoue Rikako said, “I’d appreciate it if you guy could continue to watch over me.”

Inoue Rikako

Fairies debuted in September 2011 and announced the disbandment of their group on June 17th, 2020 following the end of their contracts.

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