“I’m disappointed”, The reason why Kim Woo Bin said this to “Our Blues” viewers

Kim Woo Bin hilariously expressed his disappointment to viewers of K-drama “Our Blues”. 

On May 17th, on the YouTube channel “Eolmi Couple”, a short video titled “Woo Bin oppa… directly left a comment (on our video)” was posted and drew attention. A day earlier, “Eolmi Couple”, a married couple channel that became popular for showing their fun married life like friends living together, shared a video titled “Managing my husband’s expression when he sees Han Ji Min”.

Kim Woo-bin

In the video, while watching tvN’s drama “Our Blues”, the husband of “Eolmi Couple” smiled when Han Ji Min appeared. But in the next scene when Kim Woo Bin came out alone, his smile disappeared and was suddenly replaced by a straight face as if he was disinterested. 

Kim Woo-bin

This video blew up, and even Kim Woo Bin himself saw it. The actor left a comment to express his sadness, saying, “… I’m disappointed.” In response, “Eolmi Couple” explained, “Hyung, it’s a misunderstanding. I love you,” and then posted an additional video to appease Kim Woo Bin. 

Kim Woo-bin

In the new video, the wife of “Eolmi Couple” said, “As a long-time fan of oppa, thank you so much for leaving a comment. I’m always cheering for you. I hope you walk on a flower road of happiness.” The husband also hilariously apologized to Kim Woo Bin by screaming “Woo Bin hyung, fighting!”.

Kim Woo-bin

Source: Nate 

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