The surprised spoiler hidden in the opening of “Our Blues” is special and unique

Don’t skip the opening title scene as you might miss this detail which might surprise you.

tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Our Blues” is attracting viewers’ attention with its opening scene that utilizes the characteristics of an omnibus drama. The opening scene is not the repetitive same one every time. The opening scenes change for each episode, containing the stories of the main characters who will be active in that episode like surprise spoilers.

Our Blues

The opening of “Our Blues,” begins by taking out one of several LP albums, a turntable, and music playing. The LP albums’ covers are the main characters of that episode. This contains the planning intention of the omnibus drama “Our Blues,” which says, “Each is the main character of their own life.” Along with this, the flowing music melts everything into the warm atmosphere of the drama and adds more emotion.

Our Blues

Accordingly, the main characters who decorate the opening title also vary from episode to episode, making it fun to watch. In the 1st to 3rd episodes, the names “Han-soo and Eun-hee” of Cha Seung-won (playing Choi Han-soo) and Lee Jung-eun (playing Jung Eun-hee) appeared, while in the 4th episode, the names “Young-ok and Jung-jun” of Han Ji-min (playing Lee Young-ok) and Kim Woo-bin (playing Park Jung-joon) appeared. In the sixth episode, the names “Dong-seok and Sun-ah” of Lee Byung-hun (playing Lee Dong-seok) and Shin Min-ah (playing Min Sun-ah), who met again in Jeju with scarred hearts, made viewers excited.

Our Blues

In particular, in the fifth episode, the newbies Bae Hyun-sung (playing Jung Hyun) and Roh Yoon-seo (playing Bang Young-joo) told their own stories and drew attention by appearing in the opening. The 7th and 8th episodes, which will be broadcast on May 1st, will feature Jeju merchants Park Ji-hwan (Jeong In-kwon) and Choi Young-joon (Bang Ho-sik), who are here to tell the story of the fathers.

Above all, the reason you shouldn’t miss the opening title of “Our Blues” is that it contains a surprise spoiler. The story of the main characters of each episode is expressed as the song’s title like an LP album’s tracklist, stimulating curiosity. Episodes 1~3 “Han-soo and Eun-hee” consisted of “Neither joyful nor sad”, “Meeting friends,” “Rushing like waves” and “Memories of Mokpo”, providing viewers with the pleasure to imagine what kind of stories will unfold.

Our Blues

The production team of “Our Blues” said, “We paid attention to the concept of an omnibus drama and the warm sensibility of this work in the opening scene. Please look forward to different opening scenes for each episode. We hope you enjoy ‘Our Blues’, which depicts various life stories as if you were listening to various music tracks.”

Meanwhile, Bae Hyun-sung and Roh Yoon-seo, who decorated episode 5 named “Young-joo and Hyun”, will present Naver NOW.’s “Our Blues Special Show”, which is scheduled to air at 6 PM on Saturday, April 30th. They are expected to deliver behind-the-scenes of filming with senior actors, surprised spoiler talk and more.

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 PM.

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