This is what the director said as soon as he saw Shin Ye Eun at “The Glory” audition

Young actress Shin Ye Eun revealed an anecdote about her casting for Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

Shin Ye Eun guested on KBS CoolFM’s “Heize’s Volume Up”, which aired on January 16th.

During the radio broadcast, Shin Ye Eun mentioned recently released drama “The Glory”. Shin Ye Eun aroused attention and favorable responses with her performance as Park Yeon Jin, leader of the school bullying gang in the drama.

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Regarding the decisive reason that made her become Park Yeon Jin, the actress said, “I auditioned for ‘The Glory’. I had admired director Ahn Gil Ho even before getting to know about this work. I was obsessed with his dramas, and especially enjoyed watching ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ and ‘Stranger’. I joined the audition because of the director.”

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Shin Ye Eun explained, “I went to the audition and the director was sitting there. I smiled while greeting ‘Hello’ and he said, ‘I like that smile’. I smiled because I like the director so much, but he said I looked evil”.


She added, “I also got that compliment from my manager after the audition, and I remember asking back if it was really a compliment”. Heize responded, “It was definitely a compliment”.

Source: wikitree

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