HYBE’s new girl group “NEWJEANS”: formed by creative master Min Hee Jin, a unique vibe formed by 5 outstanding members 

The new girl group “NEWJEANS” is making headlines all over the net and shaking grounds in the Kpop industry.

On July 21st, the new girl group of BTS’ agency HYBE officially debuted with their MV “Attention”. The release was a complete surprise with no previous announcement or teaser, and yet managed to draw intense attention from the public. Netizens were particularly impressed by the visuals and style of the group’s 5 members. 

As recently announced, NEWJEANS consist of 5 members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. Among those, Hyein, born in 2008, is the youngest member, while everyone in the group dresses extremely trendy like a true representative of Gen Z. 

Lee Hyein (2008) 

Haerin (2006) 

Minji (2004) 

Hanni (2004) 

Danielle (2005) 

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