IU enjoys foamy beer with Lee Sun Kyun again after “My Mister” days

Actor Lee Sun Kyun poured a glass of beer full of foam for his junior colleague IU, who starred with him in “My Mister”.

On April 27th, IU wrote on her Instagram story the caption, “Uncle Jonathan came all the way from Kkwaila Island to congratulate me on the release of ‘Dream’.” It seems that Lee Sun Kyun visited to congratulate IU, who starred in the movie “Dream”, which was released on April 26th.


Lee Sun Kyun recently played the role of Jonathan, who lives on Kkwaila Island, in the newly released movie “Killing Romance”. With her caption, IU expressed this in a playful way, and revealed her affectionate feelings for the actor.

On the same day, IU also shared a photo of a glass of “foamy beer” that Lee Sun Kyun poured for her. The beer in the photo is filled with so much foam that it’s almost impossible to see the actual drinkable part.


Upon seeing this, IU joked, “Jonathan’s consistent foam power.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Kyun previously made headlines for pouring a beer full of foam for IU in the tvN drama “My Mister”.


Regarding this, Lee Sun Kyun explained the situation on an 2022 episode of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”. At the time, the actor said, “There was a discussion about using real beer for the last shoot, and it was awkward between the characters in the drama, so it was hard to pour well.”

“IU’s beer had a lot of foam, so I instinctively lifted my glass slightly while pouring,” the actor also added, causing laughter.

Source: Insight

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