Soyou, “I went to the hospital without any underwear on, it was embarrassing”

SISTAR’s Soyou talked about her neck pain.

On December 15th, a video titled “I gave a staycation gift to a friend of 18 years” was released on Soyou‘s YouTube channel SOYOUGI.

Soyou got into the car with her friend whom she has known for 18 years to leave for a vacation. Soyou introduced that her friend is working as a producer for JTBC’s “Strongest Baseball” and said, “I prepared a small event for my friend who has worked hard for a year.” She added in a small voice, “But the price is not small.”  


Soyou expressed her anticipation by saying, “It’s my first time having a staycation in Seoul,” and her friend laughed, saying, “It’s also the first time the two of us are going on a staycation.” Soyou emphasized, “You should enjoy everything you can as soon as you arrive at the hotel. There is also unlimited drinking time.”

As soon as they arrived at the hotel, the two enjoyed dessert while looking out at the cool view. When her friend suggested that she eat more dessert, Soyou said, “I’m full. I ate breakfast because I was taking medicine for a herniated disc in my neck.”


She continued, “I woke up in the morning and my neck hurt so bad. When I tried to get up, my body didn’t move. I went to the hospital for an X-ray and was embarrassed because I didn’t wear any underwear, so I put a hat on top.”

Soyou explained the difficult situation at the time, saying, “The doctor listened to me, but I hated myself for not being able to do anything. It hurt so much. It was the first time I called my mom crying that I was sick. It was really scary.” She then told her friend, “You should exercise, too. You have to take good care of yourself when you are still healthy.”

Source: Naver

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