BTS Jimin confessed that he always thinks about ARMY, “I wonder what I can do for you”

Jimin once again melted ARMY’s hearts with his love for them.

BTS Jimin confessed that he always thinks about ARMY, “I wonder what I can do for you”

In the afternoon of August 30, BTS Jimin went on Vlive to communicate with fans. He appeared on a live titled “Bbyong” and gave fans a healing time with his honest stories.

Jimin expressed his regret for not being able to perform concerts and couldn’t meet ARMY in person. He said, “I’ve been looking forward to being able to perform these days. I’m living a life in which I keep on thinking, ‘Will I really be able to see you?’”

Jimin, who has filled his life with ARMY’s support, honestly shared his story, “Whenever I saw our fans cheering for us and enjoying our shows, I thought there was a light that sparkled in my gloomy life. That was the moment I did feel like I’m living”. He added, “I know that I may sound a bit childish saying this, but there were many times when I felt depressed.”

He said he know that ARMYs are also suffering because of the lengthy Coronavirus pandemic. He said, “I actually worry a lot for you all. I feel sad, and I keep on thinking, ‘What can I do for you?’. Every time I think of this question, I always feel helpless.”

Jimin confessed, “The name BTS and ARMY have been put next to each other for such a long time. We’ve been talking and staying by each other’s side. However, these days, I feel like I’m just receiving love from you. This is my own idea, but I feel sad, and I want to treat you better. When the pandemic is over, I want to tell you that you have had a hard time, and you have done everything so well.”

In explaining why he didn’t communicate much on V APP, Jimin said, “I was in a bad mood because there was a time that I couldn’t meet and perform concerts for you all. This is a place where I can spend time talking with you, but I didn’t want to meet you with fake feelings, so I decided to stay low for a short period. From now on, I will come here to visit you more often.”

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