The photo of Ryu Jun-yeol and Jung Ho-yeon wrapping arms around each other’s shoulders affectionately drew attention online

While the friendship between two couples, Jung Ho-yeon – Lee Dong-hwi and Hye-ri – Ryu Jun-yeol, is a hot topic in online communities, a photo on Ryu Jun-yeol’s Instagram draws attention. 

Ryu Jun-yeol and Hye-ri recently went to Billie Eilish’s concert at Gocheok Sky Dome in Gocheok-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul on August 15th. Surprisingly, Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi were seen standing in front of them. The news of the two couples’ double date spread and gave off a warm atmosphere that drew admiration from netizens.

Hye-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol and Lee Dong-hwi appeared as together as friends in tvN’s drama “Reply 1988”.

Since then, couple Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi boast a long-term romantic relationship of 7 years, while Hye-ri and Ryu Jun-yeol have been dating for 6 years.

In the meantime, Ryu Jun-yeol recently drew keen attention as he showed off his friendship with Lee Dong-hwi’s girlfriend Jung Ho-yeon. 

Ryu Jun-yeol posted several photos on his Instagram on August 22nd along with the short caption “Lullulalla”. The released pictures show Ryu Junyeol smiling brightly while wrapping his arms around Jung Ho-yeon. The two were also seen doing friendly poses, walking side by side, and waving their arms enthusiastically.

As Ryu Jun-yeol took photos with Jung Ho-yeon, who is known as the best friend of his girlfriend and the girlfriend of his friend, Internet users gave explosive responses. Many people wondered, “Now we have the debate of whether a female friend and a male friend wrapping arms around each other’s shoulder or not”, creating another debate following the perilla leaf debate and the shrimp debate.

In response, some netizens tagged each other’s friends or lovers and asked, “Can I wrap my hand around your friend’s shoulder?”, “Can I do this with my friend’s boyfriend?”, “Can you accept this?”, etc.

Others gave different answers, such as “Wrapping arms around shoulders is possible”, “That’s okay”, “I can’t accept that action”, “They’re public figures… but in the case of my lover… I don’t accept it”, “It’s okay if you don’t cover the other person’s shoulders with your hands”, etc.

While netizens were worrying that Hye-ri might feel bad about the friendly photos of her boyfriend and her best friend, Hye-ri showed off her close relationship with Jung Ho-yeon. In April, the two posted pictures of themselves doing leg exercises on Instagram Story. 

The instructor who taught them Pilates took a photo of Hyeri and Jung Hoyeon then posted it on her Instagram Story along with the caption “That’s right, the two are true friends”. Hye-ri and Jung Ho-yeon often upload and re-share posts of each other, proving their strong friendship.

Source: daum

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