Even while smoking, BIGBANG G-Dragon showed fan service without fail

BIGBANG G-Dragon willingly provided fan service for his fans, who recognized him in private.

On August 27th, Afreec TV BJ Park Garin posted several photos on her Instagram. The photos showed her and another BJ taking photos with BIG BANG G-Dragon.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon, who was dressed in a full denim attire, stood among his two fans who recognized him in private and took a selfie with them while making a peace sign.

However, netizens’ attention was drawn to the cigarette butt on G-Dragon’s hand, which proves that the male artist took a photo with fans even while he was smoking.

On the other hand, Garin and her friend, Gauel, were moved by G-Dragon, writing in her caption: “I took a photo with G-Dragon, Really, Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon’s real name)… I was lucky today, just me and Gaeul…. I’m dumbfounded.”

Netizens who saw the photos responded: “That’s great, I’m so envious”, “It may have been inconvenient because he was smoking, but he took pictures well”, and more.

Many also brought up the fact that G-Dragon had also taken photos with fans before, raising interest.

In particular, another netizen who saw G-Dragon in the past, published a post on an online community, which said: “I happened to see G-Dragon at a wedding before, and when I asked for a photo, he took it with me. He has this coy and shabby image, but was surprisingly good at taking pictures.”

Another netizen also praised G-Dragon’s kind personality, boasting that he took a picture with him by chance. However, some expressed concern that while G-Dragon was kind enough to take photos even in inconvenient situations, other celebrities may feel uncomfortable with such a request.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon, who debuted in 2001, is still a hot topic even though it has been 22 years since his debut.

Recently, he took pictures with a selfie filter with pleasant phrases on it and gave fans laughter.

In addition, G-Dragon, who boasts colorful connections, is showing off his easy-going side by openly celebrating the birthdays of fellow celebrities through SNS.

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