Kpop idols that had to leave showbiz due to lack of fame

Kpop fans are often used to seeing successful idols, from BTS and BLACKPINK to newer groups like aespa and IVE. And in these cases, the popularity is not limited to Korea alone, but also expands across the world. 

BTS Grammy 2022

However, not every idol can be so lucky, and alongside rich and successful Kpop stars, there are many others who struggle in their celebrity career. 


For example, some trainees didn’t even get the chance to debut after years of training, and difficulties continued even after debuting. In fact, amid the highly-competitive Korean showbiz, many never manage to gain attention, and can only disappear to pursue other paths in life. 

Mina (AOA)

Kwon Mina left AOA in 2019, and at the time, FNC Entertainment had refused to speak about the idol’s decision. However, in hindsight, fans believed this might have to do with the bullying accusations that Mina made against the group’s leader Jimin

Kwon Mina
Mina’s decision to leave AOA might have to do with the bullying accusations she made. 

The scandal lasted for about a year, as revelations about the time Mina was active with AOA were brought up via the idol’s Instagram post. She received strong support from netizens, and expressed her intention to return to the entertainment industry. However, a series of evidence exposing Mina eventually  broke out, and the public completely changed their minds.

After a period of silence, in January 2022, the former idol appeared in a Youtube livestream of Doctor Lee Yoo Yeob. Here, Mina shared that she started working at an acquaintance’s skin care clinic, while also adding that she would continue to work on her YouTube channel. 

Yuna (AOA)

AOA’s former member Seo Yuna is thriving in a new field. After leaving FNC Entertainment in early 2021, Yuna announced on her personal Instagram that she recently received a yoga teaching certificate.

Yuna became a yoga instructor after ending her idol career. Photo: Allkpop

Later, Yuna became a yoga instructor, and started updating information about her private life as a yoga teacher.

Kyla (Pristin)

In 2017, Kyla Massie announced to halt all activities with the girl group Pristin due to her injuries. At that time, Kyla returned to her home in the US to recover and work. 

During her hiatus, many people spotted Kyla working as a cashier at a festival in Los Angeles. It was unfortunate, but Kyla has since given up her idol life. 

Kyla was spotted working as a cashier after leaving the Korean showbiz. 

In 2019, Pristin officially disbanded, and so Kyla’s Kpop dream was basically over. 

Somyi (DIA) 

For 3 years, Ahn Somyi completely disappeared from all activities of the Kpop group DIA. Eventually in January 2022, DIA’s company MBK officially announced that their contract with the idol had expired, and that she would not be returning to the group. 

After quitting DIA, Somyi became an adult content streamer. 

According to the company’s statement, Somyi’s decision to leave was due to health concerns. However, the idol’s recent activities as an adult broadcast jockey have led the public to have other suspicions. 

In particular, just 1 year after leaving her group, Somyi signed up to become a streamer on Panda TV. This is a subscription platform limited to adults with restricted contents, leading to quite the controversies among fans of the idol. 

Against all the arguments, however, Somyi decided to remain silent. Still, on Instagram, the idol published many photos of herself in revealing outfits, which are clear hints of her current career. 

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