The casting director who sued Park Eun-seok and many other actors has been arrested… The victims respond, “Justice will prevail”

A casting director in their 40s, who benefited from lawsuits against actors, including Park Eun-seok, has been arrested.

On October 31st, the Seoul Southern District Court held a suspect interrogation before detention (an investigation to determine a warrant’s validity) and then issued an arrest warrant for Cho (47 years old), a casting director who was accused of blackmailing and attempting coercion. 

Park Eun Seok

As a casting director, Cho approached rookie actors and profited from them. In this process, when new actors, including Park Eun-seok, who were mainly active in the theater industry posted a warning online telling others to “Beware of Cho”, Cho filed a criminal complaint of damages and sued the new actors for defamation. 

In addition, it was also confirmed that Cho sued a large number of Internet users who wrote comments and posts on articles with similar content and then collected settlement money from some of them. 

In the episode “The secret of a casting director: a victim of unfairness or a hunter who set a trap?” of SBS’s “Unanswered Questions”, which aired on March 27th last year, Cho’s behavior was exposed.

At that time, the production team of “Unanswered Questions” said, “There have been 105 informants who confessed damages caused by Cho, and we will actively cooperate with them after informing their separate agencies.”

Actor Park Eun-seok reportedly appeared as a victim in the police investigation into Cho and answered questions in person.

park eun seok

Cho filed a compensation suit claiming that actor Park Eun-seok got his contact information in 2017 and spread false information in a Kakaotalk group chatroom with theater actors. Cho reported Park Eun-seok’s indictment directly to the media when the actor was filming SBS’s “Penthouse” in January last year.

Regarding the arrest of Cho, the victims, who filed complaints against Cho, said in telephone conversations with SBS reporters, saying “It’s late but I’m still glad he got arrested”, “Justice will prevail in the end”, etc.

In the past, Cho also approached broadcaster Choi Hee by proposing the plan for a wedding photo shooting business but falsely accused Choi Hee, who insisted on invalidating the contract, of assaulting them. In 2012, Cho was indicted on charges of defamation and threatening and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

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