5 impressive couples in fantasy K-dramas: Lee Dong Wook’s double memorable performances

There are many fantasy K-dramas with the most intriguing romantic storylines. 

Alongside “healing” series, the Korean small screen also takes up quite a lot of challenges and achieves resounding successes via fantasy and mythological projects. There’s always something that draws people into the love between a human and a fantasy being, and the ending also rouses a lot of curiosity. 

“Alchemy of Souls”

Alchemy of Souls

Released in 2022, “Alchemy of Souls” won the hearts of the audience with its unique storyline, and intriguing world-building, which has never been prevalent in K-dramas. “Alchemy of Souls” tells the story of a world where souls can enter a different body from their own with a special technique, and female lead Naksu utilized this to enter the body of a weak, blind girl named Mu Deok.

alchemy of souls

Mu Deok then becomes the servant of male lead Jang Uk, who later learns that Mu Deok is Naksu. Since then, Jang Uk became a disciple of Mu Deok / Naksu to learn magic and fighting from her, and from a teacher and student relationship, they later fell in love. This couple will later go through various struggles, humors, and hardships, and lead the audience from one surprise to another. So far, they haven’t yet achieved the ending, and this will unfold in the 2nd season of “Alchemy of Souls”, which will be released in the near future.

“A Korean Odyssey”

A Korean Odyssey

Based on the famous Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, “A Korean Odyssey” adds a lot of unique twists that lure in the audience. In this drama, the male lead Son Oh Gong (based on Sun Wukong) is a cheeky immortal who hides under his established cover. He initially had a stormy relationship with the female lead Jin Seo Mi (Sam Jang, based on Tang Sanzang), but they later fell in love. 

a korean odyssey

“A Korean Odyssey” takes on the theme of faith and destiny to deliver a both soulful and sorrow-filled romance. In the end, Sun Mi and Oh Gong, deeply in love as they were, were not able to secure a happy ending. 

“Goblin” – Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak

As of the moment, “Goblin” is perhaps the most iconic and most successful fantasy-romance K-drama. The series revolves around the male lead Kim Shin, who is immortal and thus had to live through various lives. In order to lift his immortality curse, he needs to seek for the “goblin’s bride” to pull a sword out of his body. 

After 900 years of seeking, the goblin’s bride, Ji Eun Tak, finally appeared. In the end, the goblin and his bride ended up falling in love though fate is against them, resulting in a tragic yet hopeful end. 

“Goblin” – Wang Yeo and Sunny

Besides the main couple Kim Shin – Eun Tak, the side couple Wang Yeo – Sunny is also dearly loved by viewers. Wang Yeo and Sunny have spent 4 lifetimes in love, but never have a truly satisfying ending. In modern times, Sunny is an ordinary person while Wang Yeo is the Messenger of Hell. That alone is a sign of the two characters’ impossible happiness.

goblin lee dong wook yoo in na

In addition to its tear-jerking plot, the K-drama “Goblin” also conveys a meaningful message about cause and effect, advising people to live honestly and be kind to everyone around them.

“Tale of the Nine Tailed”

After “Goblin”, Lee Dong Wook continues to make the audience cry with his return in“Tale of the Nine Tailed”. Still revolving around an undying love that lasts centuries, “Tale of the Nine Tailed” follows the male lead Lee Yeon, a nine-tailed fox, who was once a mountain god, and the search for his true love Ah Eum. Before Ah Eum left the world and entered the reincarnation cycle, Lee Yeon gave her a jade fox so that he could later find her.

tale of the nine tailed

Similar to “Goblin”, Lee Dong Wook in “Tale of the Nine Tailed” is also a romantic who lost the love of his life. Luckily for him this time, he gets to be with her. 

tale of the nine tailed

While “Tale of the Nine Tailed” did not achieve as much popularity as “Goblin”, is still a shining star amid fantasy dramas with its own charm.

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