Actor Kim Ki-cheon, furious over the Itaewon disaster… “Shameless people should be punished severely”

Actor Kim Ki-cheon was furious over the Halloween disaster in Itaewon.

On Nov 1st, Kim Ki-cheon posted on Twitter, “I can’t sleep and digest because of incompetent, irresponsible and shameless people. I’m frustrated and can’t stand it. I hope that big punishment will be given to those who only make excuses and avoid responsibility.”

He added, “Don’t force your condolences.”

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Kim Ki-cheon’s post seems to have taken into account the “Itaewon Halloween disaster” that occurred in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on Oct 30th.

In a briefing on the Halloween disaster in Itaewon held on Oct 31st, Interior and Safety Minister Lee Sang-min criticized that safety preparations were insufficient. He said, “The administration didn’t believe the accident could have been avoided by dispatching additional police and firefighters.” It was pointed out that his remark was inappropriate regardless of the ruling and opposition parties.

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Kim Ki-cheon has been active on Twitter. He has made immediate statements on a number of issues. There were times when his account was suspended due to somewhat radical remarks.

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