Ex-member Jian shares handwritten letter following sudden departure from LIGHTSUM, “I don’t think this is the end”

Jian expressed her feelings after she was announced to leave LIGHTSUM. 

Former LIGHTSUM member Jian recently posted a handwritten letter on her Instagram. In the letter, she addressed her sudden decision to leave LIGHTSUM.

Jian said, “You must have been very surprised by the sudden news. I’ve been thinking about how to tell the fans, and I’m trying to convey my feelings through a letter like this.”


She continued, “I debuted in the 3rd year of middle school in LIGHTSUM. Time passed and I became a high school student. and it was all thanks to SUMIT (fandom name) that I was able to grow and receive great love through so many experiences in such a short time.”

She added, “SUMIT who ran a long way to see our stages, SUMIT who came to see us on hot and rainy days, SUMIT who always gave me warm words of support, and SUMIT who supported me from afar through letters and video calls. I really can’t forget any of your images,” as she recalled the fans’ love she received during LIGHTSUM’s activities.

Jian also said, “Of course, there were times when it was hard and exhausting, but thanks to SUMIT, I was able to endure it, and now, after about a year and four months, I have become stronger.”


Jian said, “I don’t think this is the end. I will keep running without giving up on my dream, so I believe that the day will come when I can meet you again. I appreciate your concern, but I hope this doesn’t make it too hard for SUMIT.”

Finally, she said, “Thank you so much for creating unforgettable, beautiful and happy memories in my life. As always, I will never forget SUMIT, so I hope you don’t think that this is the end. Thank you very much, and please support Jian in the future! Thank you.”

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Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment, the agency of LIGHTSUM, recently announced the departure of members Jian and Huiyeon from the group. LIGHTSUM will continue to promote as a six-member group from now on.

Source: Daum

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