“Reborn Rich” is harvesting achievements, breaking records, and making history

Alongside high viewership ratings, “Reborn Rich” has also achieved a fair share of record-breaking achievements. 

song joong ki reborn rich

Reborn Rich”, which is currently airing on JTBC, is recording remarkable achievements and proving itself as the most impressive K-drama during the last 2 months of 2022. Viewership of the drama witnessed a stable increasing trend, leading to “Reborn Rich” constantly breaking its personal record. In particular, “Reborn Rich” started with a rating of 6.1% (2nd in JTBC’s starting viewership), and crossed the benchmark of 14.9% by episode 6. At the same time, the proportions of audiences from 20 to 49 year-old of the drama is the highest among airing series, at 7.95%. (Audiences from 20 to 49 years old are considered ideal consumers that help stabilize viewership rating). 

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

Alongside outstanding ratings, “Reborn Rich” is also the top keyword with outstanding topicality in the weeks it airs. Song Joong Ki also became the most discussed K-drama actor on SNS and the news, while other cast members like Shin Hyun Been and Lee Sung Min, also fall into Top 10. 

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At the same time, “Reborn Rich” is available on various OTT platforms, making it the K-drama with the highest number of firms competing for airing rights. As a result, the drama can now be found on Netflix, TVing, Disney+, and so on, and even topping charts on these platforms while at it. 

reborn rich ranking
The ranking of “Reborn Rich” on Disney+ Korea from November 24th to 30th. 
reborn rich ranking
The ranking of “Reborn Rich” on Netflix Korea from November 24th to 30th. 

On top of all this, “Reborn Rich” managed to land in Top 10 non-English TV dramas for Netflix Global, despite only being available in Netflix Korea. In particular, the drama ranked 4th with over 10.35 million watching hours from November 21st to 27th, proving its intense popularity. 

reborn rich netflix
“Reborn Rich” made it to Top 10 non-English TV dramas for Netflix Global

Source: k14

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