LE SSERAFIM Sakura did not recognize a senior who worked with her on a broadcast in the past

Kangnam was disappointed as Sakura didn’t recognize him although they worked together and even exchanged phone numbers before.

A video titled “Sakura’s happy time… is what! Making 100kg of Kimchi challenge” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Fearless Kkura”.

In the video, Sakura said, “I’m really nervous”, expressing both pressure and excitement for having her own variety show for the first time in her career.

le sserafim sakura

Sakura’s first project was to make 100kg of Kimchi. Sakura was so shocked as soon as she was told about the mission. Doubting the fact that she would have to marinade 40 cabbages, Sakura smiled and wondered, “I have to do it alone, right? Is it even possible?”

le sserafim sakura gangnam

At that time, Japanese singer Kangnam appeared as a surprise guest. Unlike Kangnam, who looked welcome, Sakura was puzzled by the sudden appearance of a guest. She asked, “Are you a comedian?”. 

le sserafim sakura

In response, Kangnam giggled as if he had just heard a ridiculous question and jokingly said, “I’m the owner of this house”. Sakura exclaimed, “He’s just an ordinary person?”, because she still hadn’t recognized him. In the end, Kangnam confessed, “I’m sorry, but we even exchanged numbers”. Only then did Sakura find out about the identity of Kangnam. She shouted, “Ah!”, and covered her mouth out of astonishment. 


In fact, Sakura met Kangnam through KBS2’s entertainment show “Idol on Quiz” when she was active with IZ*ONE in 2020. Kangnam couldn’t hide his disappointment toward Sakura, who didn’t recognize him even though they did appear on the same show together. He reacted, “I may have gained 10kg since then, but how could you not recognize me?”.

le sserafim sakura gangnam

Source: wikitree

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