Honey Lee, there’s nothing she can’t do…Reveal the painting she drew for her daughter

Actress Honey Lee showed off her high-quality drawing skills.

On May 24th, Honey Lee said, “‘Time made by paintings’ exhibition. The time made by paintings is now left as paintings, so I can share it with my precious people. It felt like I went on a wonderful trip where I could get out of reality and go to another world.”


She added, “Thank you again to teacher Soyeon and the Moryham family for letting me know how wonderful and exciting it is to draw, for helping me make all this possible.”

In the photos, Honey Lee was posing next to her work and smiling brightly. The work showed her high-quality skills. In addition, Honey Lee drew attention by revealing her tiger painting and explaining, “I completed the tiger painting that I drew during prenatal education and hung it where my baby can see it well.”


Actresses Song Yoon Ah and Shin Ae Ra praised, “Wow” and “You drew so well.” Netizens also responded enthusiastically, such as “What are you bad at?”, “Applause for your patience and persistence”, “You have golden hands”, “It’s the best work”…

Meanwhile, Honey Lee married a non-celebrity spouse on December 21st, 2021 and welcomed a baby girl in June last year, 7 months after she got married. Besides, Honey Lee chose MBC’s new drama “Flowers that Bloom at Night”, which is scheduled to air in the second half of this year, as her next work and is currently filming it.

Source: daum

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