YouTuber Lee Jin-ho revealed that “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji-ah carried out her schedules with swollen eyes amid the controversy

Model cum creator Song Ji-ah reportedly carried out her schedules as planned even while being criticized for using fake goods.

Former entertainment reporter cum YouTuber Lee Jin-ho said on YouTube on Jan 20th, “Song Ji-ah is working on her schedules despite the controversy.”

Song Ji-ah schedules amid the controversy

According to Lee, Song Ji-ah took part in a photo shoot for a magazine as scheduled on Jan 18th, a day after the controversy. Lee shared, “What surprised me was that Song Ji-ah was carrying out a normal schedule despite the controversy. It is said that Song Ji-ah appeared at the photoshoot studio with swollen eyes.”

Lee revealed, “Magazine officials said the controversy grew so much that they thought Song Ji-ah would cancel the photoshoot, but she still appeared. She seemed to have at least a sense of responsibility.”

Song Ji-ah schedules amid the controversy

Song Ji-ah, who gained recognition through Netflix’s entertainment program “Single’s Inferno“, has recently been criticized as some of the products she wore were confirmed to be fake. On Jan 17th, Song Ji-ah acknowledged and apologized for the controversy over using fake goods through her SNS.

Song Ji-ah schedules amid the controversy

She said, “I would like to confess honestly about the controversial article on my fake luxury goods. The controversy over fake goods is partly true. I’m so sorry. All contents with fake products were deleted. I apologize to the brands that suffered damage from me.”


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