Yeji (ITZY) and Min Joo (IZONE) attract attention when being MCs together because of their well-matched visuals.

Yeji (ITZY) received a positive response when appearing as an MC at Music Core with Min Joo (IZONE), Chani (SF9).

On February 27, the music show Music Core is hosted by Min Joo (IZONE), Chani (SF9), and Yeji (ITZY).  Although Yeji’s appearance is only temporary (replacing Stray Kids’ Hyun Jin), the JYP female idol still receives a positive response from Knets. 

Viewers praised Yeji and the MCs for the harmonious combination.  Previously, Yeji once hosted a special program of Music Core in October 2019, so the female idol quickly became acquainted with this role. An interesting detail for viewers is the appearance of the three MCs.  When Yeji stood next to Min Joo, the visuals of the two female idols shined with sharp beauty.  Yeji and Min Joo are compared to “two kittens” while Chani is warmly adorable as a “puppy”.

The visual combination has created an attractive atmosphere in the intro and interview sections of the show.  Many netizens believe that MBC should choose Yeji as the MC to replace Hyun Jin – who has got involved in a bullying scandal.  Yeji fans also support the female idol to take the role as an MC.  This is a solo activity that is very beneficial to Yeji’s reputation, both helping her gain more recognition from Korean audiences, and increasing ITZY’s popularity.

Some comments: “Yeji has a lot of potentials to become an MC, please choose her as a permanent MC”;  “Min Joo and Yeji match well, like a yellow cat and a gray cat”;  “The common point of Min Joo and Yeji is their eye shape, but Min Joo is soft and feminine and Yeji is strong and sharp, this combo is very eye-catching”;  “I think two female MCs and one male MC are fine. I hope Yeji can be a permanent MC”;  “Yeji is super cute, everything is good” …

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