SM confirms the rumored leak demo of aespa’s upcoming title track is fake 

aespa is a hot topic even before their official comeback. 

Recently, rumors spread on SNS platforms and online communities that the demo for aespa’s new album title track was leaked, drawing attention.

aespa FLAUNT

However, according to aespa’s agency SM Entertainment, it has been confirmed that the leaked audio was not the title track of aespa’s upcoming album.

aespa debuted in November 2020 and succeeded with three consecutive hits from the singles ‘Black Mamba’ to ‘Next Level’ and the first mini album’s title track ‘Savage’. aespa has established themselves as a group that represents K-pop 4th generation. 


This leaked incident taking place amid global fans’ high expectations for what kind of new music aespa will release this time has reaffirmed the public’s keen interest in aespa’s next album.

aespa will release their second mini album ‘Girls’ in Korea and the US at the same time on July 8 and make a highly-anticipated comeback. ‘Girls’ surpassed 1 million album copies in pre-orders within just a week. aespa promises to become a million-seller with this return. 

Source: Daum

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