According to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, Park Yoochun tested positive for drugs

Park Yoochun Reportedly Tested Positive For Drugs

On April 23,  MBC’s ‘News Desk’  reported: “According to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, Park Yoochun’s hair was found positive for drugs” and delivered the prosecution’s request for an arrest warrant for Park.

The Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office has applied for a preliminary arrest warrant for Park Yu-chun,” News Desk said. “The prosecution and the police are in the position that sufficient evidence has already been secured to prove Park’s charges“.

In particular, “News Desk” reported that the inspection that the prosecution took over from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation reportedly tested positive for the drugs. Police has requested a test on hair from his head and body on April 16th and received results that there is still part of the drugs remained on him.

Park Yoochun have been called in early this year on charges of using drugs 5 times and now he is under suspicion of buying and taking Philopon with his former girlfriend Hwang Ha Na.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is still denying any drug-related charges. The hearing will be held at the Suwon District Court on the 26th to decide whether to detain Park or not.

Sources: Nate

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