Shin Se Kyung shows off her “doll beauty” and a “golden hand” for making chocolates in her trip to Paris 

On March 15th, Shin Se Kyung‘s official YouTube channel “Shin Se Kyung sjkuksee” released a new video titled “Make chocolate bonbons. business trip to Paris. Pick a dress.” From the title alone, the actress herself seems to have a busy yet relaxed Paris trip. The video started with a timelapse of the Se Kyung making a variety of colorful chocolates. She explained it as a side hobby that she did in her leisure time. 

Later, Shin Se Kyung transformed into a Parisian beauty to attend a brand event in a tube top with floral patterns. 

Afterwards, a photo of her dog Sa Rang was also featured in the clip. The picture of the dog in sunglasses quickly drew laughter from the audience. 

shin se kyung

Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung is said to be considering an offer to join the Joseon melodrama series “Sejak” as her next work.

Source: Naver

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