“My Little Old Boy” Kim Jong Kook comments about the monks’ physique before their soccer match, “How did you bulk up while eating only carbs?”

“My Little Old Boy” sons compete against Haeinsa monks, known as “strongest soccer players among monks”.

SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”, which is scheduled to air on December 11th, will feature a fierce competition between the sons (Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Sang Min, Din Din, Nam Chang Hee, Kang Jae Joon) and Haein Temple monks.

my little old boy

The tension between the sons and the monks is already high when the two sides have a meal together before the match. As it is revealed that Haein Temple is the only temple in Korea to have a soccer field, and that “Haein Soccer” monks play soccer to train their physical strength, expectations for the match also increased.

my little old boy

In addition, Kim Jong Kook checks on the monks’ physical strength and says, “How did you bulk up while eating only carbs?”, drawing laughter. Regardless of the sons’ attack, the monks continued the war of nerves, saying “We won’t be beaten easily”.

kim jong kook my little old boy
my little old boy

Meanwhile, the sons and the monks gather on the playground for a foot volleyball match to warm up before the real soccer match. The eyes of the monks that suddenly change when they stand in front of the raise the tension to the highest level. Even aces Tak Jae Hoon and Kim Jong Kook are shocked by the monks’ powerful foot volleyball skills and face a crisis related to their teamwork from the beginning. Kim Jong Kook gets angry at his team members. Other sons try to calm him down by saying “You shouldn’t get angry at the temple”, drawing laughter.

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