The abnormal increase of K-pop artists leaving their groups 

36 groups are documented to have members departing from their groups in 2022. 

Members leaving their debut groups is nothing out of the ordinary given the competitive nature of the industry. However, 2022 has witnessed more cases of idols leaving their groups, ranging from veterans to rookies in the industry. 

kim garam le sserafim
LE SSERAFIM currently has 5 members after Kim Garam (left) left the group. (Image: Kbizoom) 

According to Koreaboo, 2022 was especially difficult for K-pop groups: “From scandals to contract expirations to health complications, there seem to have been more than the usual number of idols to leave their groups in the past 12 months”. The news page named 36 Korean artists that left their respective groups from the start of 2022. 

Jae, Somyi and Denise are the first group of artists who departed from groups this year in K-pop with various reasons: Jae was asked by his company to leave DAY6, Somyi left DIA for health reasons and Denise departed from Secret Number based on her personal decisions after her contract expired. 

Jinni thumbnail
Jinni announced her departure from NMIXX on December 9th. (Image: Soompi) 

The most controversial departure in K-pop in 2022 goes to Kim Garam, not long after her debut with LE SSERAFIM. She left the group in July when the school violence allegations emerged. 

The most recent case was Jinni, according to the announcement from JYP Entertainment on December 9th. The promising artist leaving NMIXX after a few months of debut has attracted ample attention. The sole given explanation was the generic ‘personal reasons’. 

Source: k14

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