Shin Dong-yup shows respect for Lee Hyo-ri “I also think Hyo-ri is really cool”

Shin Dong-yup showed respect for Lee Hyo-ri

On Oct 2nd, Hwasa appeared as a guest on Shin Dong-yup’s YouTube channel.

Shin Dong-yeop recalled filming YouTube content with Lee Hyo-ri, saying, “I was very happy to meet and talk with Hyo-ri after a long time.

Shin Dong-yeop Lee Hyori

Jung Ho-cheol caused laughter as he said, “But he talks about things that can’t be broadcast. That’s a bit unfortunate, but I find it really fun. When Dong-yup says something that can’t be broadcast, Hyo-ri makes it even worse.

Hwasa then mentioned the April Fool’s Day story. When Shin Dong-yup said “I originally catch on fast, so I wasn’t fooled“, Hwasa responded “I heard you were fooled“, causing laughter.

Shin Dong-yeop Lee Hyori

When Jung Ho-cheol said “Let’s hear the truth“, Shin Dong-yup added laughter as he revealed, “Hyo-ri called and asked me out. I agreed.”

Hwasa recalled appearing on tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road” with Lee Hyo-ri, saying, “It was so much fun. When you meet such a great person, just by meeting them, you can become a new person. I felt that way when I met Hyo-ri.

Shin Dong-yeop Lee Hyori

Shin Dong-yup attracted attention by praising, “I’ve been watching Hyo-ri since she was very young, and she wasn’t that cool back then. You can’t be cool from a young age. You grow up after going through countless trials and errors, and at some point, you become a cool adult. Otherwise, you can never become a cool person. There are many people who pretend to be cool, but to be really cool, you have to go through all sorts of things. I also think Hyo-ri is really cool. How many things must have happened that we don’t know about? She takes these things as her nutrients and moves forward.

Source: Daum

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